ess from Chairman

        Dear friends:

        Thank you very much for your support to Chongqing Liangjiang New Area and Chongqing Liangjiang Aviation Industry Investment Group (“the AIIG”)!

        As an important strategic pivot for the development of the western region of China and the link between the Belt and Road Initiative and the Yangtze River Economic Belt, Chongqing enjoys obvious regional advantages. As the third national development and opening zone, Liangjiang New Are is a state-level new district that has been concerned about the future aviation industry in China since its establishment. In this Area, preferential policies such as China-Singapore interconnection and demonstration projects and free trade zones and others are superimposed; In this area, it boasts the only pilot of the full industry chain and the first batch of comprehensive demonstration zones of general aviation in China; In this area, aviation industry will be built as a strategic emerging industry with low factor costs and rapid industrial agglomeration.

        Although sighed for the difficult roads in Sichuan since ancient times, today, we have strived together for the aviation industry in Chongqing. Since the establishment of the AIIG in 2012, it has been the core carrier for investment promotion, industrial investment and environment creation for the aviation industry of Liangjiang New Area and even of Chongqing. It has actively seized the opportunities for low-altitude management reforms, and wrote the miracles of Chongqing aviation industry started from scratch and from one to all in accordance with the strategic path of “Building and Flying Airplanes for Development”. It has also demonstrated the unremitting efforts of Liangjiang New Areas to take lead and to innovate.

        Facing the future, we will be the best aviation resources integrator with a cooperative attitude and a model of industries integration. We invite you to share with us opportunities, seek common development, and create a better future!