t AIIG

        Established in 2012 with a registered capital of RMB 1.5 billion, Chongqing Liangjiang Aviation Industry Investment Group (the “AIIG”) is one of the major promoters and participants of the low-altitude airspace management reform and the development of the aviation industry in Chongqing, and a professional company and core carrier for investment promotion, industrial investment and environment creation for the aviation industry of Liangjiang New Area. The AIIG is responsible for building a comprehensive area for aviation industry with an area of 8 square kilometers, and an integrated demonstration area of generation aviation in Chongqing, and for building and operating the Chongqing flight service stations. The AIIG has one wholly-owned subsidiary and 4 shareholding subsidiaries. It has a general airport with a runway length of 1200 meters, Longxing Airport, 314 square kilometers of test flight airspace and routes, and 12,000 square meters of incubator base.

        Ever since its establishment, the AIIG has started from scratch and developed from one to all. It has attracted many high-end talents at home and abroad. The Company has initially established a full-industry chain development pattern of “Manufacturing, Operating and Serving” of the general aviation industry, the “Overall Unit and Components” of the power of the transport aviation industry, and “R&D, Manufacturing and Supply Chain” of new composite metal materials. It has introduced 15 projects with a total investment of over RMB 30 billion, which will achieve an annual output of approximately RMB 50 billion after these projects reach design capacities.

        According to the strategic positioning of Chongqing Municipality and Liangjiang New Area, the Company will vigorously promote the coordinated development of the general aviation and the commercial aviation, the full industry chain of general aviation and the perfection of the elements of “The sky, the earth, the people and the aircrafts” in accordance with the strategic path of “Building and Flying Airplanes for Development”. It will accelerate the gathering of global advantageous resources and the construction of a comprehensive area for aviation industry, a national aero-engine industrial base, an important medium and small-scale general aircraft manufacturing base in the western region of China, a full range of aviation talent training base, a comprehensive demonstration window for the general aviation industry and a military-civilian integration demonstration window in Chongqing, and speed up the construction of the Liangjiang New Area into an important advanced manufacturing and modern service base.