1.Longxing General Aviation Airdrome

        Longxing General Aviation Airdrome is located in Liangjiang Aviation Industrial Park, about 36 kilometers as the crow flies from the downtown area of Chongqing. It is a Grade I general aviation airdrome. Its technical standard of airfield area are as follows: 1B, 800m (L) x 30m (W) runway, 3 contact roads (80m (L) x 11m (W)), 37 parking bays. The airdrome can park 10 helicopters and 27 fixed-wing aircrafts. The true height of airspace of the Airdrome is 300m. The Airdrome is conferred upon the title of Airfield by Aero Sports Federation of China.

        2.Air Traffic Control Building

        The Air Traffic Control Building of Longxing General Aviation Airdrome is a four-story building consisting of a three-tier area for general use and a one-tier control tower. As an important supporting facility for Longxing General Aviation Airdrome, it has a total construction area of 1,574 square meters. At present, the Building has a tower control room and supporting system for low-altitude air services to provide air traffic control services to aircrafts under its control. In the future, it is expected to offer services such as aviation control, weather, intelligence and other supporting services.

        3.Fixed Base Operator(FBO)

        The FBO for Longxing General Aviation Airdrome under construction covers an area of 70000 square meters. It will provide supporting facilities for the aviation industry settled in Liangjiang New Area. After the Project reaches its designed capacity, it offers services including aircraft parking and refueling, machine maintenance, parts assembly and maintenance, interior and alteration, aviation material storage and sales, and aircraft sales and display.

        4.Liangjiang Aviation Industry Lncubator

        Liangjiang Aviation Industry Incubator is invested by the AIIG to accelerate the cultivation of an emerging aviation industry. Located in Longxing, Liangjiang Ave., Liangjiang New Area, the Incubator, with a construction area of 12,000 square meters, was put into use in 2014. It is expected to become one of the key projects of the overall demonstration areas of general aviation industry in Chongqing, and to provide service guarantee for the development of the aviation industry in Liangjiang New Area and even in Chongqing.