rs & Qualifications


        The only pilot designated by the National Development and Reform Commission of full industry chain of general aviation; the only industrial park with 3 brands and 6 aircraft models of general aviation and 1 model under research; the only network operated support system for low-altitude air service; the only financial leasing company for general aviation; the only city providing training for the private, commercial pilot certificates of general aviation and the refreshment and training for pilot for in-service airlines. The full industry chain covering manufacturing, operations, services, repair and maintenance, finance, informatization, and culture.

        Longxing General Aviation Airdrome

        Technical Standard of Airfield Area: 1B, 800m (L) x 30m (W) runway, 3 contact roads (80m (L) x 11m (W)), 37 parking bays. The airdrome can park 10 helicopters and 27 fixed-wing aircrafts. The true height of airspace of the Airdrome is 300m. The Airdrome is conferred upon the title of Airfield by Aero Sports Federation of China.

        (CCAR)China Civil Aviation Regulation (CCAR) Qualification

        As of the first half of 2017, there have been 4 units with aviation personnel qualifications (2 units with 60 qualifications, 1 unit with 142, and 1 unit with 147), 3 units with 121 aviation operating qualifications (1 unit with 121 and 2 unit with 91), and 1 unit with 145 aircraft maintenance qualifications.

        Airspace environment

        Airspace for general aircrafts: 314 square kilometers of airspace and path for test flight from Longxing-Dianjiang with an absolute height of 5,000m
        UAV airspace: Incubation base at 312m above sea level with a true height of 50m, 300m in vertical direction and 100m in horizontal direction.
        Longxing General Aviation Airdrome: Incubation base at 246m above sea level with a true height of 50m, 200m in vertical direction and 300m in horizontal direction.