Mr. Wu Cunrong Researching the Development of Aviation Indus

        On March 24, Mr. Wu Cunrong, member of the Standing Committee of the Chongqing Municipal Party Committee, First Deputy Mayor of Chongqing, and Party Secretary of Liangjiang New Area, researched the development of the aviation industry in Liangjiang New Area.

        In recent years, Liangjiang New Area has vigorously developed the strategic emerging industry of aviation, established Chongqing Liangjiang Aviation Industry Investment Group Co., Ltd. (the “AIIG”) responsible for building the aviation industry in the Liangjiang New Area, and planned the Liangjiang Aviation Industrial Park. Taking the development of general aviation as a breakthrough, Liangjiang New Area has coordinated the development of both the general and the transportation aviation, and built the aviation industry in Chongqing from scratch. It has cumulatively introduced nearly 20 projects with an investment exceeding RMB 30 billion, basically forming a gathering trend in which leading enterprises have driven the development of the industrial chain.